I4-[SPIN] - Overview

Specification for the Integration of Spatial Concepts


The long-term goal is a classification and formalization of qualitative spatial calculi, leading to a comprehensive theory of space (and space-time). Initial steps towards this goal have been achieved in the first phase; we have now a formalization of several calculi and some relations among them.

However, the variety of existing formalisms is confusing even to the expert. It clearly needs to be structured and classified according to suitability for different application contexts. The first step is an ontological classification (e.g. topological calculi versus orientation calculi). However, a mere taxonomy remains rather superficial and is not sufficient: it is also important to classify calculi according to their formal properties. Hence, the development of a comprehensive formalization of spatial calculi and their interrelations is planned. Such a classification will lead to a deeper understanding of the calculi and their relations, and will help to select the calculi fitting best for a particular application context.

As a particular application scenario, the RouteGraph framework will be integrated with other spatial calculi.

As a means for achievement of these goals, the project will provide mathematical tools for the integration of logics, calculi and logical theories, as well as a framework for the heterogeneous integration of reasoning tools such as automated and interactive theorem provers and constraint solvers.