Wayfinding Assistance Based on Previous Knowledge

Small displays are currently gaining importance as interfaces for geographic information. More specifically, mobile position aware devices, such as mobile phones equipped with GPS, are increasingly used for mobile wayfinding assistance. But their constrained displays are too small to reproduce conventional maps without an increasing effort for the user. E.g., he has to zoom in and out, and to scroll the map to understand the details and configurationally relationships of the involved entities of a route. This fragmentation of the information is not just inconvenient, but affects the cognitive processing of the given information and lowers the effectiveness of the assistance. One approach to attack this problem is to tailor maps to the individual knowledge of a user. If an assistance system knows about the places and paths a user knows, it can generate maps according to this information: those parts of a route, which the user has good knowledge on, can be displayed with less details and parts with no or little knowledge can be emphasized.

In this branch of our research we developed µMaps, maps that are tailored to the individual previous knowledge of users.

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