Call for Papers

We would like to invite submissions in the area of machine learning that integrate some or all of language processing, motor control and computer vision for multimodal or robotic systems.

To foster discussion, we also encourage submissions of position papers addressing how to bridge the gap between language, motor control and vision.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Reinforcement learning for interactive systems

  2. Supervised learning for interactive systems    

  3. Unsupervised learning for interactive systems    

  4. Hybrid machine learning for interactive systems    

  5. Hierarchical machine learning for interactive systems    

  6. Machine learning for multi-modal interactive systems    

  7. Machine learning for multi-party interactive systems    

  8. Machine learning for multi-lingual interactive systems    

  9. Machine learning for emotional interactive systems    

  10. Machine learning for reasoning in interactive systems    

  11. Machine learning for user modelling in interactive systems

  12. Machine learning for gesture-based interactive systems

  13. Machine learning for vision-based interactive systems

  14. Evaluations of machine learning interactive systems    

  15. All topics related to machine learning for avatars and interactive robots

A special issue related to the topic of this workshop, with a submission deadline in December 2012, is planned for the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS).

MLIS2012: Machine Learning for Interactive Systems: Bridging the Gap between Language, Motor Control and Vision

ECAI Workshop 2012
August 27th
Montpellier, France