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Holistic Spatial Design Functional toolsets as repositories of people-centred spatial design principles


Mehul Bhatt and Carl Schultz, University of Bremen, Germany

Holistic spatial design is an interdisciplinary endeavor and paradigm consisting of the fields of architecture, cognitive science, spatial cognition driven design computing, and evidence-based analytical techniques in environmental and social psychology. A main focus area of the holistic paradigm is to develop an all-encompassing scientific framework for unifying core aspects pertaining to `universal access and usability, individual well-being, structure, function & purpose, and sustainability’ for the design of built environments in the public domain.
This talk will present an overarching view of Project DesignSpace scientific deliverables (e.g., systems, case-studies), community initiatives, and interdisciplinary collaborations in the context of holistic spatial design. The focus will be on aspects of architectural (spatial) cognition, spatial computing, and evidence-based analyses as they relate to processes of assistive design tools and frameworks, and their perceived impact on real-world design practice, and design learning & education.
The talk will also emphasize the core `cognitive computing’ agenda in Project DesignSpace, essentially involving defining a benchmark of `cognitivity’ in analytical design computing based on the concept of expert and commonsense visuo-locomotive narrativisation of design performance and user experience. Time-permitting, we will also summarize the outlook of Project DesignSpace.
Holistic Spatial Design, May 29 2013, edra44Providence, USA
Holistic spatial design aims to initiate a broad-based discussion on creating an overarching framework for the generation, persistence, and application of human-centered spatial design principles, procedures, methods, and practical tool-sets that are usable at all levels and stages of design education and training, academic design discourse and design studies, and the professional practice of spatial design for architecture.
An inquiry and research intentive will be conducted in collaboration by the SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition, ETH Zurich, and School of Architecture FAAD, Universidad Diego Portales at the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference in May 2013.

Date: 26.04.2013

Time: 15:30 h

Location: Cartesium, Bremen

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