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KI 2013 Workshop on Visual and Spatial Cognition


KI 2013 Workshop on Visual and Spatial Cognition

The ability to process spatial information is crucial for various tasks as diverse as navigation, planning, and managing abstract concepts. Research issues in spatial cognition range from the investigation of human spatial cognition to mobile robot navigation. Much of that research effort, however, has been experimental, putting little stress on precise models of the involved representations and processes. Obviously, spatial cognition is closely related to visual cognition of places and scenes in general. Different visualization techniques and reasoning formalisms serve to analyze spatial cognition processes. They can be used to achieve a more general cognitive model.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Robotics, Geographic Information Science, and related areas to foster a multi-disciplinary exchange between research in visual and spatial cognition. The workshop continues a series of successful workshops initiated by the Special Interest Group "Cognition" in the GI (German Informatics Society) and will be held in conjunction with KI 2013 ( in Koblenz.

Date: 17.09.2013

Location: University of Koblenz, Germany