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Belief revision in spatial reasoning


Prof. Markus Knauff, Universität Gießen

Humans and artificial agents must frequently change their existing beliefs about the way how objects are arranged in space in order to take into account a new piece of spatial information. So, how do humans revise their beliefs if a new piece of spatial information is inconsistent with earlier assumptions? When do they hold on to a belief and when do they change their mind? What are the neural and computational correlates of belief revision in human spatial reasoning? I will describe a new DFG-funded research project BELIEFSPACE that seeks to answer these questions. We just started with the project. Therefore, I will primarily report the state of the art in the field, our own research agenda, and the theoretical background of our research. However, as a psychologist I will not give a talk without empirical data, and so I will present some brand new data from our first pilot experiments. The talk will be quite informal, as it is intended to support the connections between our group at the University of Gießen and the SFB/TR8.

Date: 12.02.2010

Time: 15:30h

Location: Freiburg

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