The workshop takes place at the University of Barcelona, New Building, Room 2.3. See the IJCAI website for details.


8:30 Registration
9:00 Workshop Opening
9:05 Invited Talk
Jürgen Branke
Organic traffic control
10:00 Technical Program (Session 1)
James Boerkoel and Ed Durfee
Challenges in Maintaining Minimal, Decomposable Disjunctive Temporal Problems

Minh Do and Serdar Uckun
Timeline-based Planning System for Manufacturing Applications

11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Technical Program (Session 2)
Péter Egri and Jozsef Váncza
Supply Network Coordination by Vendor Managed Inventory - A Mechanism Design Approach

Bernd Hellingrath and Peer Küppers
Multi-Agent Based Collaborative Demand and Capacity Network Planning in Heterarchical Supply Chains

Alexander Kleiner, Dali Sun and Daniel Meyer-Delius
ARMO: Adaptive Road Map Optimization for Large Robot Teams

13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 Technical Program (Session 3)
Fernando J. M. Marcellino and Jaime Sichman
HCOP : Modeling Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems with Holonic Agents

Philip Kilby and Andrew Verden
Flexible routing combing Constraint Programming, Large Neighbourhood Search, and Feature-based Insertion

Srinivasa Ragavan Devanatthan, Stefan Glaser and Klaus Dorer
Optimising Efficiency in Part-Load Transportation

Albert Pla, Beatriz López and Javier Murillo
Workflow Resource Allocation through Auctions

16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Technical Program (Session 4)
Patricio Lamas and Rodrigo A. Garrido
Stochastic programming as a tool for emergency logistics in natural floods

Huib Aldewereld, Frank Dignum and Marcel Hiel
Re-organization in Warehouse Management Systems

18:00 Workshop Wrapup
18:30 End of Workshop