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Evaluation of a unified dialogue model for human-computer interaction
Type of publication: Article
Citation: ShiIJCLA11
Journal: International Journal of Computational Linguistics and Applications
Volume: 2
Year: 2011
Pages: 155--173
Abstract: This paper reports our work on evaluating the task success of a dialogue model developed by a unified dialogue modeling approach for human-computer interaction, which combines an information state based dialogue theory and a state-transition based modeling approach at the illocutionary level. As an application, the unified dialogue model has been integrated into a multimodal interactive guidance system for hospital visitors. An experiment with 12 subjects has been carried out. Using the collected dialogue data we have evaluated the task success of the dialogue model by the Kappa coefficient. The results show that the unified dialogue model is highly effective and provide several valuable improvements for the further development as well.
Userfields: project={I3-SharC}, status={Reviewed},
Authors Shi, H.
Jian, C.
Rachuy, C.